Dear God, why today?

So here’s what happened: I was watching Dance Moms (it’s a guilty pleasure) when the doorbell rings. I’m like “Don’t these people know I’m doing g something VERY important?!” Well, it’s my mom. The only thing she says is “You know your windows are down right?” I wasn’t surprised as they have made a habit of rolling down randomly when the car is off. Debby (my car) has a mind of her own. I should have mentioned that yesterday/last night was our first big snow storm of the winter (and by big snow storm I mean 2, maybe 3 inches). My first reaction when I actually get to my car in my pjs and wallabees is “Well, shit.” because there is snow EVERYWHERE. And that is the story of how my car got soaked.
P.S. That’s my little Mabel in the picture. She is my precious.


Just your everyday introvert

I’m called by many things, the most common being “hey you”. I spend a lot of time on-the-line because the outernet is a scary place (see the name comment above). Since I spend so much time on-the-line, I can’t help but notice how popular being an introvert has become. I’m going to tell you what being an introvert actually means, and no, it doesn’t mean spending hours on YouTube or tumblr, although, those are options. To me, being an introvert means that I like to get away from the wonderful embrace of human beings so that I don’t punch someone in the face. I also like to keep my thoughts to myself which isn’t always a good thing. Maybe what I’m planning to gain from this whole blogging thing is a place to rant to people that don’t actually know me. And by that I mean take out my feelings on a fake piece of paper (I guess you could say I’m saving the world). Don’t worry, this won’t be some sad sack, basket case, “my life sucks” kind of page. It’s just… something different. So bear with me, I’m new at this.

Just your everyday introvert.


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